Redline Fitness traces its roots back to 2008. The initial “version” of it was called CrossFit Redline, and was one of the first CrossFit boxes in Southwest Florida. From inception in 2008, CrossFit Redline quickly grew into the “name brand” CrossFit gym in Southwest Florida. A number of CrossFit boxes in Southwest Florida trace their roots to coaches who learned their craft by training and coaching at CrossFit Redline.

In 2018, CrossFit Redline rebranded as Opex Naples. The Opex gym model differs from CrossFit gyms in that all Opex training is done on a personalized basis, programmed by individual coaches. The physical structure of most Opex gyms is similar to a CrossFit box, but Opex gyms lack any type of group class training format.

Redline Fitness is the next step in the evolution of fitness training. By offering both HIIT group training classes and personalized programming from certified Opex coaches, Redline Fitness gives the individual more choices and better results than any traditional CrossFit box or competing Opex gym.